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Moved to Dreamwidth.

Because this. But it's not like I've been here anyway, it's just an archive I know won't be randomly deleted or tampered with. Check the bio to find me these days. Twitter's a good bet.
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Okay, I lied.

I really need a place where I can talk about things that I can't really discuss on Millennium Winter [ ] because they're either sensitive, personal, political, werk-related, or so on. That being said, I also kind of need a place I can talk to people and actually get feedback on what I've said, where people can offer up their own take on the things that I write about and the things that I see.

I had kind of avoided doing this; using LiveJournal for anything other than a commenting medium for all of my friends who use LiveJournal, but I have to admit that it more than has it's merits, and when I have the opportunity to use a tool like this, I definitely should. So. That being said, I'll rearrange the furniture and make myself comfortable here.

But that doesn't mean it's open to the world-half the reason that I'm starting to use this thing is to get feedback and to chat about things that are obviously personal, so most things will be friends-only. Okay, wish me luck with this thing.
Van Fanel

and its been years...

Don't get your hopes up, I'm not going to start updating this thing regularly.

It's just been a long time, and well, anyone who happens by might think I'm getting a little stale, eh? Seriously-let me reiterate. I do the whole LJ thing because pretty much I don't like commenting anonymously on other peoples' journals.

Oh yeah-and friends that I pulled from the list? Well-nothing personal, it's just that I don't know you. Or maybe I don't know you anymore. Or something along those lines. I'm not the type to horde names to make myself popular. If we dish, you're here, if we don't, you're not.

Anyway, if you want the real deal and you're into that whole bloggy thing, allow me to give you a more comprehensive rundown than I did over three years ago:

Nova Netwerks // the gateway

Millennium Winter // the blog

Plastic Bohemia // the beats

Not So Humble // the politics

Gears and Widgets // the geek

Enjoy. That's where I really live, think of this as a PO Box.