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Van Fanel


Aeria Gloris

indigo boy // if he could see his way to daylight

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and its been years...
Van Fanel
Don't get your hopes up, I'm not going to start updating this thing regularly.

It's just been a long time, and well, anyone who happens by might think I'm getting a little stale, eh? Seriously-let me reiterate. I do the whole LJ thing because pretty much I don't like commenting anonymously on other peoples' journals.

Oh yeah-and friends that I pulled from the list? Well-nothing personal, it's just that I don't know you. Or maybe I don't know you anymore. Or something along those lines. I'm not the type to horde names to make myself popular. If we dish, you're here, if we don't, you're not.

Anyway, if you want the real deal and you're into that whole bloggy thing, allow me to give you a more comprehensive rundown than I did over three years ago:

Nova Netwerks // the gateway

Millennium Winter // the blog

Plastic Bohemia // the beats

Not So Humble // the politics

Gears and Widgets // the geek

Enjoy. That's where I really live, think of this as a PO Box.


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Tee hee. You're stale. ;)


Use this thing or I shall have to do something...unspeakable.


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