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Van Fanel


Aeria Gloris

indigo boy // if he could see his way to daylight

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(no subject)
Van Fanel
Okay, I lied.

I really need a place where I can talk about things that I can't really discuss on Millennium Winter [ http://www.millenniumwinter.com/ ] because they're either sensitive, personal, political, werk-related, or so on. That being said, I also kind of need a place I can talk to people and actually get feedback on what I've said, where people can offer up their own take on the things that I write about and the things that I see.

I had kind of avoided doing this; using LiveJournal for anything other than a commenting medium for all of my friends who use LiveJournal, but I have to admit that it more than has it's merits, and when I have the opportunity to use a tool like this, I definitely should. So. That being said, I'll rearrange the furniture and make myself comfortable here.

But that doesn't mean it's open to the world-half the reason that I'm starting to use this thing is to get feedback and to chat about things that are obviously personal, so most things will be friends-only. Okay, wish me luck with this thing.

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Good luck! LiveJournal definitely has its merits. I started the same way you did, and ended up posting more here than I thought I would. And funny how some Seattle web designers we know seem to write here more than they write on their own blogs. What does that say?

I can see why Six Apart investing in LiveJournal. MovableType and LiveJournal serve complementary purposes.

Heh. Actually, that was sincere praise for LiveJournal. They're clearly doing something right if they can lure so many of us (even creative types, like you) away from our home-grown blogs.

I am overjoyed, my Beloved.

Welcome to the fold. ^_^

Woo hoo!

As much as I like hosting my own things, I too have come back here, and simply use RSS to show the posts on my own site. Welcome welcome welcome! I look forward to reading you... (I ALWAYS forget to check your site).

I pretty much lied too, when a year ago I posted my "last post"...anyway, glad you're here :D

cool beans... and remember, you can always make a post "friends only" if you wanna get personal or even "no comments allowed" if you just want to vent but don't want to get anyone else's feedback.

sometimes those are good.

it's true, i can't think of how often i've wanted to comment on millenium about something you've said.

i've loaded lappy up for dance beats on new years... cranking it traktor wise!

Feedback from friends is good . . . (I visit MW all the time and often want to just say "THANKS" for a link, etc.)

Welcome to the addiction.

I'll be glad to be able to comment, like pastilla said. :)

One of these days I'm going to have to start using my LJ for real, too. But I should probably start using my real blog for real again some time before that.

Cool. I finally comment on stuff you write about.

commenting purposes... all the way. Until it turned into a cross-post of ted.

Heh - welcome aboard. ;)

fwoenix!! fwend me!! /dance

Why hello there mr phoenix! Thought id stop by and say hello! And add you as a friend! *cackles*

why hello there! consider yourself add'd!

::giggle:: Head here to make your filter selections, good sir!

Now that you're added and all. ^_~

(Deleted comment)
done and done my dear Nance. ^^

I forget which filters you were on...do you want to be on my "grownups only" filter? TOO LATE YOU ALREADY ARE HAHAHAHA

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